Washington County Re-opening

We are very excited to announce that we have been approved to reopen our physical doors on Monday June 1st. With this excitement to reopen we understand that there are those who have concerns about their physical safety and we want to ensure to everyone that your health and safety are our main priority as we navigate this new terrain. For those reasons we have incorporated some new guidelines here at our academy.

1. We ask students to come dresses for class so they will not need to use the changing rooms
2. Bathrooms will be available on a limited availability
3. Water fountains will be closed – bring your own water (bottle fill ups OK)
4. We will pull everyones attendance cards for you
5. Classes will be no contact initially – we will have a few grappling dummies available – encourage everyone to make their own – or bring a family member to train with (We have a parents and kids class at 4pm for those with younger kids)
6. Mat spaces will be marked off to keep everyone at a safe distance
7. Kids with older family members at home are suggested to continue training online with us
8. We will work on drills initially to get everyone back into training
9. We will not line up and shake hands at the end of classes
10. We ask parents to do curbside drop off and pick up to limit the amount of people in the gym (Seating areas closed)
11. We will make available discounted uniforms for family members that will become training partners
12. We are working with a supplier to offer discounted training dummies for those interested in having their own
13. We ask everyone to be conscious of their own health and if you feel at all sick please stay home
14. We will continue to offer the online classes as long as needed to transition back into live classes
15. You will need to sign up for classes online to make sure there is space for you in the class you want to attend
16. Mat cleaning/disinfecting between classes

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and safety of our students at all times. Our main goal after reopening the school is to continue to provide world-class martial arts instruction while exceeding all the state and federal covid-19 safety protocols. Gracie Barra will be following strict guidelines and procedures to provide our members with the safest environment possible.

See everyone soon!