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Professor Duayne Bowers,

Professor Duayne Bowers

“I started my martial arts journey with boxing and muay thai, I practiced for about 2 years. As luck would have it I ended up at the Encinitas boxing club and trained for a few months before I realized there was Brazilian jiu jitsu being taught upstairs. In January of 2007 I took my first class with professor Raphael and was addicted ever since. After almost 8 years of training I received my black belt from Master Nelson and professor Raphael in November of 2014. After receiving my black belt I felt I had a new understanding of jiu jitsu and honestly felt like I was learning all over again, I thought I was obsessed before but with this new understanding I felt like my longtime dream of teaching and owning my own school would now be not only possible but what I felt like I was meant to do with my life. I honestly feel Brazilian jiu jitsu has saved my life, I feel like I have found my purpose in life. I want to spread the amazing art of Brazilian jiu jitsu, so it change other people’s lives like it changed mine.”

Professor Duayne is an amazing teacher and practitioner of jiu jitsu. His patience with his students and the focus he has on the sport gives this school such a unique and fantastic touch. We’re so lucky to have such an incredible teacher here in Sandy, Utah.