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Coach Erin Kerr,

Coach Erin Kerr

“I started practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Duayne Bowers in May 2017. I instantly became obsessed with the sport. I’d never found anything like it before. I’d been looking for an exercise to help me with my weight loss journey and had tried multiple things. Something about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lit a fire within me. I quickly wanted more and more jiu jitsu in my life. I train daily, and started helping with kids classes early in my jiu jitsu career to help my learning continue. I love the sport of jiu jitsu, not only for it’s self defense skills that it teaches, but also the amazing body awareness it has brought me.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so precious to me. I’m so grateful I found something that speaks to me the way this does.”

Erin is also the Program Director as well as a kids coach at Gracie Barra Sandy. Her enthusiasm for jiu jitsu and it’s life changing qualities is invaluable.