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Ricardo “Pezão” Castañeda,

Ricardo “Pezão” Castañeda

My name is Ricardo “Pezao” Castaneda and I am a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt under Professor Tyler Bosard. I have been training Jiu-jitsu since 2010 and have been teaching since 2012, when I was a blue belt. In addition to my Martial Arts credentials, I also hold Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology.

If you take my classes, you easily see how my academic background gives me an advantage in both teaching and understanding Jiu-jitsu. I approach the art analytically and thoughtfully so that I can logically convey the fundamental principles that make Brazilian Jiu-jitsu a highly effective martial art.

My goal is to help you understand Jiu-jitsu at its core so that you and your children can adapt quickly and apply the techniques with precision and understanding.

Outside of teaching and training, I also love to write and I am a regular contributor to JiuJitsu Magazine, the largest Jiu-jitsu publication in the world. I also enjoy most outdoors activities including but not limited to hiking, camping and traveling. 

I consider myself a lifelong student  and hope to instill in you the same passion for Jiu-jitsu that I have.

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