Winter Technical Series Wrap-up: A Month of Skill Development and Celebration!

The January 2024 Winter Technical Series, expertly led by Professor Glaucia, brought a wealth of knowledge and skill development to our dedicated participants at GB Chantilly.

Professor Glaucia’s insightful guidance and hands-on approach made each class a valuable experience, enhancing our members’ understanding of key techniques and strategies.

In a heartwarming conclusion to the series, the final class held a delightful surprise for Coach Jake in celebration of his birthday, adding a special touch to our training sessions.

The camaraderie and shared joy during Coach Jake’s surprise showcased the close-knit community that defines GB Chantilly.

As we bid farewell to the Winter Technical Series, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Spring Technical Series, where we’ll continue to build on the foundations laid by Professor Glaucia.

A huge thank you to Professor Glaucia for her dedication and expertise, enriching our Jiu-Jitsu journey and fostering a positive learning environment.

GB Chantilly looks forward to more shared moments, growth, and camaraderie in the upcoming spring series as we continue our commitment to excellence in Jiu-Jitsu.