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Professor Doc Joe,

Professor Doc Joe

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Professor Doctor Joseph Spinell is a husband, father to three boys, emergency medicine physician and black belt under Professor Reginaldo Almeida.  Dr. Joe is a lifelong martial artist who started at a very early age in the traditional striking arts.  Earning black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Okinawan Karate, Joe expanded his training to include wrestling and kickboxing in his preteen years.  Forgoing the traditional transition from high school directly to college Joe left the world of collegiate wrestling and committed himself to competing in kickboxing and sport karate on the regional, international and world levels.

After teaching and training under the legendary Gabe Reynaga, Professor Joe then opened his own kickboxing and karate academy in the same neighborhood he grew up in.  This was just about the time that the Gracies were making a name for themselves across the United States with BJJ academies slowly opening around the Southern California area.  With a strenuous competition and teaching schedule Joe still made time to complete himself as a martial artist by seeking out BJJ training with Professor Nelson Montero as well as Professor Roy Harris.

It wasn’t long after the first few UFC events and the sport of NHB/cage fighting/ MMA was exploding and Joe soon became a highly sought after striking coach.  In 1999 Joe had moved from California to attend college with a dream of one day entering medical school and becoming an emergency medicine doctor.  While in college and then later medical school, Joe remained highly active in the MMA world, training several amateur and professional MMA athletes along with becoming a regular writer for Grappling Magazine.  After completing his residency training in emergency medicine at Penn State Joe moved his family to Knoxville, TN.  With this move he made a commitment to return to his own BJJ journey.  With a new dedication strictly to BJJ in 2012 he received his blue belt under Professor Samuel Braga.  In November of 2015 Dr Joe and his family would make a move to Nashville, TN.  As fortune would have it, the move to Nashville would allow him to train under Professor Reginaldo Almeida.  Along with awarding him his purple belt in 2017 and his brown belt in 2019, Professor Reggie played a pivotal role in Professor Joe’s return to competition and teaching.  “Professor Reggie’s guidance for not only myself but also for my three sons has been a true blessing.  His love for the art and willingness to share not only his BJJ knowledge but also his life experience has made an amazing impact on our lives.”

Outside of the Academy Joe loves to travel, spend time with his family and he describes himself as a martial artist that likes to compete, loves to train but is passionate about teaching.