“No More Bullying” is back

March 2nd we say “Stop, I don’t like that” to the bullies trying to push us around! At 10am Saturday March 2 there will be a special Free No Bully focused class for all children in Spring Hill!

If you have children or know of children ages 4-12 they are invited to join us on the mats for our special event!

The class will consist of Three steps-how to handle a bully, game time, and real world applicable self defense technique if the bully puts their hands on us.

This class is full of fun, friendship, and true benefit.

If you cant make March 2, we’ll have monthly no bully classes to show you & your children what Jiu Jitsu can do!

Want to get a work out in yourself while you wait??
Our women’s only self defense class will be going the same date & same time!!

Limited to 25 kids. Contact us now to save your children spot. 615 50501818