Don’t miss out on the opportunity to train with Gracie Barra world class champions and bond with a team of top athletes. 

Dates: Camp starts on the 15th of February ends on the 19th February return to the US on the 20th of February 
Location:Ibero Star 5 Starts Resort , Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

You are in Good Hands - Taking care of you is just as important as sharing our knowledge on the mats. Your journey begins with a worry-free transportation taking you from the Cancun International Airport to our world-class resort. You will spend 4 nights at an all-inclusive resort on the coast of Mexico, enjoying unlimited supplies of healthy nutrition and top ranked service during your stay.

Unpack your Gi - We live and breath jiu-jitsu just like you - and we know the very first thing you will be packing for this trip is your gi! No worries, we have exactly what you need. With 7 two-hour classes across 5 days training with GB world-class champions and top athletes, you will experience a variety of classes and teaching styles. Additional access to the training facility will be available depending on schedule. No matter what experience level you are at in jiu-jitsu, we guarantee you will end your day with a big smile on your face.  

We are Here for Fun, too - This is your vacation; Brazilian or not, we certainly know how to train hard and play hard, too. From surfing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling to yoga, there is so much more to share and have fun with your GB family outside of the resort. We also planned two trips for the group: join us to explore the ruins of Tulum, an ancient archeological site built in the middle of a tropical jungle with fascinating temples and breathtaking landscape along the shoreline. While our curiosity goes far beyond the white sand and the ruins on the ground, let’s dip into the Maya underworld. From caves and natural pools, the region’s underground cenotes witnessed rich history of the country, utilized as a chain of tunnels to defend the Spanish invaders as well as a sacred place for spiritual leaders

The Camp welcomes people of all ages and belt rankings, and that we are highly family-friendly.

Meet Your Signature Team
Our signature team of instructors consist of world class Gracie Barra champions. While the instructors share the same spirit from the rich lineage of Gracie Barra, they all bring their unique experience and perspective from different parts of the world to the camp. With their rich experience from teaching, competing and traveling around the world, you will certainly find diversity across the 7 training sessions. This is one of the best thing to be in the Gracie Barra family, where you will always find great knowledge and support from the big GB family around the globe. 

5th Degree Black Belt

Professor Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes is the head instructor of Gracie Barra Texas and Gracie Barra – BH - Brazil.  Prof. Draculino‘s personality, enthusiasm, integrity, charisma and leadership make the essence of GB Texas and GBBH and touch all those around him. A great competition background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and MMA qualifies him as one of the best featherweight competitors in BJJ history. He holds many titles such as: a 4-time Pan American Champion, 1 time no gi pan American champion- 2008, 2 Times Brazilian national champion, 2 Times Silver medalist at the world BJJ championships, MMA lightweight champion in Brazil, Strike Force Feather weight Winner and Abu-Dhabi veteran. Besides these titles held as a competitor and fighter, Professor Vinicius is considered one of the best instructors in the BJJ world. Among his students, you will find world champions, Pan Ams, national BJJ champions, more than 100 Black Belts, MMA and Grappling champions spread all over the World. Professor Vinicius is also a Lawyer in Brazil and graduated from the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio De Janeiro) which is one of the top three Law schools in the country.

4th Degree Black Belt

Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr. was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, being the son of Carlos Lemos (Senior) and Tulla Lemos. He was introduced to martial arts at the age of 3 through Tae Kwon Do and moved to Judo when he was 10 years old, where he achieved great results. Lemos was also an avid surfer who may have turned pro if not for Jiu Jitsu. Prof. Lemos’s first coaches were none other than three legends of the sport: Professors Roberto “Gordo”, Alexandre “Soca” Carneiro and Renzo Gracie. He was graded as a blue belt by Prof. Gordo and became an assistant coach at his gym, one of the GB schools in Rio. Once Prof. Gordo moved to Sao Paulo, Carlos started to train under Master Carlos Gracie Junior, who advanced him in the main Gracie Barra school in Brazil from blue belt to black belt. In October of 2001, Lemos established an exceptional BJJ fighting career in Brazil and international. In 2002, after a becoming a Black belt World Champion, Lemos, now a Professor, shot his first series of DVDs for the “LEGENDS OF GRACIE BARRA”.

3rd Degree Black Belt

Romulo Barral is one of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in the “Meio Pesado” weight division. Tipped as “The Number 1 BJJ fighter in the world” in 2007 by Gracie Mag, Romulo Barral maintained this high class black belt status in the years that followed with consistent medals at the top BJJ tournaments in the world reaching BJJ Heroes’ Top 10 Competitors of All Time ranking. Born in Diamatina, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Professor Romulo is a black belt under Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes. Professor Romulo is one of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in the “Meio Pesado” weight division. Professor Romulo was tipped as “The Number 1 BJJ fighter in the world” Gracie Mag in 2007. He is an 10x world champion, including 5 black belt world championships in the medium-heavy division, 2013 ADCC champion, and a NO GI world champion. In August, 2011, Romulo established Gracie Barra Northridge. In addition to his many accolades, Romulo is also a very talented and passionate coach.  In his free time, Professor Romulo likes to eat, sleep, spend time with his daughter, and think about Jiu Jitsu all day everyday!

2nd Degree Black Belt


Professor Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is the head instructor of Gracie Barra New Mexico. With over 16 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, professor “TUSSA” has been teaching since he was a purple belt 10 years ago. Having a lot of enthusiasm, professionalism, and determination he is growing a huge army of Jiu –Jitsu practitioners across New Mexico. Besides his career as a professor, Roberto Alencar has earned many titles as a competitor including 3 time NO GI world champion, 2009 NO GI absolute division World Champion, Pan American Champion, World Runner-up two time Brazilian national champion.

2nd Degree Black Belt

Rodrigo Carvalho is a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor raised in the heart of the Amazon. He was born in the state of Roraima in Boa Vista, which is located in the extreme north of Brazil. He moved to Canada and is the Head Instructor at Gracie Barra Vancouver. Through his ability to utilize his knowledge of technique flow, he has won many notable competitions. These major titles include the World Championship (2001, 2005), the National in South Brazil, Silver in North / Northeast (1999, 2007), Silver in Brazilian National Wrestling, 5 time Roraima Champion and 3 time Amazon Champion. Additionally, he is also a fully certified CBJJ referee.

Black Belt

Professor Salvatore (Salvo) is a World Cup Champion (2006 Blue), Grapplers Quest Champion – Las Vegas (2010), 2x British Champion (2005, Blue weight and absolute), NAGA European Champion (2010 Masters Gi, and 2014 No Gi). For over 25 years Professor Pace has been training in various martial arts from Thai Boxing to Western Boxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  During this time he has competed at the highest level and won a vast range of titles including the British Championship and World Championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has worked with some Bath Rugby and England International stars such as Matthew Stevens, Lee Mears and Duncan Bell.  

Mark your calendar, pack your gi and meet us at the paradise on the coast of Mexico for the journey of your lifetime!