Don’t miss out on the opportunity to train with Gracie Barra world class champions, and bond with a team of top athletes. 

February 13th (Wednesday) to February 18th (Monday), 2019 5-star resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico


You are in Good Hands Taking care of you is just as important as sharing our knowledge on the mats. Your journey begins with a worry-free transportation taking you from the Cancun International Airport to our world-class resort just 15 minutes away. You will be emmersed in a healthy jiu-jitsu lifestyle at the all-inclusive resort on the coast of Mexico with unlimited supplies of healthy nutrition and service during your stay. With plenty of amenities and attractions on-site for your family members, along with child center and teens club, everyone will have a blast enjoying the well designed activities.  

Pack your Gi We live and breath jiu-jitsu just like you - and we know the very first thing you will be packing for this trip is your gi! No worries, we have exactly what you need. With 7 two-hour classes across 5 days training with GB world-class champions, you will experience a variety of classes and each professor's unique teaching styles. No matter what experience level you are at in jiu-jitsu, we guarantee you will end your day with a big smile on your face.  

We are Here for Fun, too This is your vacation; Brazilian or not, we certainly know how to train hard and play hard, too. From surfing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling to yoga, there is so much more to share and have fun with your GB family outside of the training sessions. We also planned trips outside of the resort - join us to explore the ruins of Tulum, an ancient archeological site built in the middle of a tropical jungle with fascinating temples and breathtaking landscape along the shoreline. While our curiosity goes far beyond the white sand and the ruins on the ground, let’s also dip into the Maya underworld. From caves and natural pools, the ancient underground cenotes witnessed rich history of the country, utilized as a chain of tunnels to defend the Spanish invaders as well as a sacred place for spiritual leaders.  

Camp Schedule

  • This camp welcomes people of all ages and belt rankings, and is highly family-friendly. Please contact the staff members directly with questions regarding the accomodations for family members. 
  • The schedule is subject to change. 
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Our signature team of instructors consist of world class Gracie Barra champions. While the instructors proudly share the same spirit from the rich lineage of Gracie Barra, they each bring their unique experience and perspective from different parts of the world to this camp. With their decates of experience in teaching, competing and traveling around the world, you will certainly find diversity across each training session we offer throughout the camp. 

Prof. Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes 5th Degree Black Belt 

Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr. 4th Degree Black Belt  

Prof. Romulo Barral 3rd Defree Black Belt 

Prof. Marco Barros 4th Degree Black Belt 

Prof. Roberto Tussa Alencar 3rd Degree Black Belt 

Professor Rodrigo Carvalho 2nd Defree Black Belt  

Prof. Rodrigo Mendanha 2nd Degree Black Belt 

Prof. Salvatore Pace 2nd Degree Black Belt 

More Top GB Professors

This is not all! More Gracie Barra world class professors, and top instructorsare joining us at the camp, too! 


We have packages for everyone, any experience level, and any age! So mark your calendar, pack your bags and meet us at the paradise on the coast of Mexico for the journey of your lifetime!

Training Participants: 

  • Adult, Solo Room: $2300 (5 nights) / $1930 (4 nights)
  • Adult & Teens, Shared Room: $1650 (5 nights) / $1490 (4 nights)
  • Kids 6-12 yr, Shared Room: $1165 (5 nights) / $1010 (4 nights)  

Non-Training Participants: 

  • Adult & Teens, Shared Room: $1275 (5 nights) / $1080 (4 nights)
  • Kids 4-12 yr, Shared Room: $820 (5 nights) / $690 (4 nights)  

4-night option: check in on 2/13; check out on 2/17 5-night option: check in on 2/13; check out on 2/18

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