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Kelly Milam

Kelly (Milam) Fakhoury will be one of our BarraFit trainers. BarraFit is a program aimed at building a strong mind as the foundation for a strong and fit body. This program will incorporate fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with other fitness programs, such as HIIT, Barre, Yoga and more. Kelly is a practicing attorney who works part-time as a barre fitness instructor. She has four years of extensive barre experience and practice and has a dance background. Kelly is also a triathlete, having participated in triathlons throughout the United States.

Kelly’s fitness strengths center around endurance and willpower based events and sports. She believes in pushing your mind in order to push your body. As a BarraFit instructor, Kelly’s goal is to incorporate a level of fitness in addition to and in support of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that focuses on mental stamina, posture technique, and mind/body awareness. BarraFit classes will be offered to all levels of male and female Gracie Barra students looking to further their fitness experience and goals.