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1. Professor Igor Andrade,

1. Professor Igor Andrade

ICP6_Revisited, CPR

At Gracie Barra Kissimmee, Igor Andrade is the highest-ranking professor and head instructor. He is a current, active competitor and fifth-degree black belt. Although he highly values his technique and expertise in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he esteems his greatest personal accomplishment to be the fulfillment of his dream to manage his own school and share his knowledge with the community, enriching the lives of anyone interested in the sport. He creates amazing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners through teaching entertaining, educational classes. Igor is compassionate for every student. He sees every person as an individual and not a number. He takes a genuine interest in every individual student. You can rely on Igor to passionately help you meet your goals; no matter what your objective is, whether you’re interested in staying fit, training to compete, or learning self-defense. Igor will exceed your expectations!