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3. Dwayne Gooding A.K.A. “Downy”,

3. Dwayne Gooding A.K.A. “Downy”

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Coach “Downy” is a Gracie Barra born and raised bLACK Belt. Considered a technician, the team has nicknamed him “The Scientist”, owing to his detailed instruction and highly technical groundwork. “Downy” has represented the Red Shield; medalling over the years in various local tournaments.
Some of these include:
Gold at Brown Belt, Master 3, Lightweight & Absolute in BJJ Tour
Gold BJJ Tour at Blue and Purple Belts
Silver BJJ Tour Purple
Gold in NAGA NoGi Directors Division
Gold NewBreed
Silver IBJJF Miami Open
Gold No Gi and Silver Gi at Central Florida Regionals
Silver MMAC.
He has also challenged World level opponents and is seeking a World Championship. He enjoys inspiring others to bring the best out of themselves through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it shows. He looks forward to seeing you on the mats!!