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Max Goldberg,

Max Goldberg

ICP4, ICP6, ICP6_Revisited

2nd  Degree Black Belt

Professor Max started training BJJ in 1997, and started his training with Gracie Barra under the Legendary Eduardo de Lima in 1999. Training directly under Professor de Lima he continued to compete locally and nationally including the Pan American Games as a blue, purple, brown and black belt. Max Goldberg continues to teach under Professor de Lima all levels and shares his passion for jiu jitsu at Flagstaff Jiu Jitsu. (3x Pan American Medalist)
Professor Max is a primary example of a man who is fully dedicating his life to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Barra and his students.
When teaching classes or correcting students the emphasis on details makes Max’s classes and coaching very distinct.