We are recognized worldwide by the GB armor! This uniform is not just a piece of cloth to train. It represents the legacy of hundreds of people who struggle daily to keep alive the dream of Grand Master Carlos. When a student enters a Gracie Barra school, he / she must  acquire the official GB uniform (GB Gi+GB Rash guard). While using these items are indispensable, a GB member should know that their uniform has another special function. It’s also a passport! This is just one of the benefits our students experience when they join the team! Gracie Barra has more than 700 schools around the world. All our students have the right to visit other schools as long as they practice the GB visitor policy. Among the guidelines created by Gracie Barra is the GB Visitor Policy and through that policy, all our schools guarantee that the benefit of the visit to our units is assured. This is a commitment that every Gracie Barra school has in receiving a visitor for at least once a week. However, to put it into practice it is necessary that a brief contact be made from the school of origin (email, message, phone call etc.) with the request. This is a simple process but one should be aware that there is an agreement between GB schools to allow the visitor to train once a week. The visiting student should be aware that most GB schools accept visitors for more than one class per week, however, schools are operated individually. Classes attended at any GB school may count towards the student’s attendance at their home school (where they are enrolled). The student must be graduated exclusively at his home school.

Now you know, one item that you can not miss in your travel bag is the GB uniform!