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Professor John Rogers


Professor John Rogers has been a long time student at Gracie Barra El Paso, joining in 2017,  but in the past few years has transitioned into the Kids Combatives  and the lunchtime All-Levels Instructor for GBEP.
He was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in May of 1982. He enlisted into the military after getting out of school.
While serving his country, Professor John Rogers did seven deployments including Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.  He is currently a retired Staff Sergeant in the US Army.
As a child, he practiced Tung Soo Do (Korean Karate) and wrestled in high school.  He was introduced to Gracie Jiu Jitsu when he joined the Army in 2006 and quickly fell in love with the art and knew he would continue once his time with the military was done. He was promoted to black belt in 2024, and while he has a no nonsense style, he is quick to smile and compliment.