Summer Camp Doral 2020

Summer Camp 2020

              We have the Special, Fun and Safe Program for your kid

GB Doral is preparing to exit the COVID-19 lockdown and resuming on-site training. We will be pursuing with caution while complying with strict social distancing guidelines and elevated sanitation protocols.

We’re doing Registration Priority. We only have a few spots available. 

For Gracie Barra Safety is our Priority. Here what we’re going to provide:


1- Limit class size to 10 participants over the day;

2- Require the use of masks;

3- Elevated Sanitation Protocols;

4- Kids must wash their hands often;

5- All team members (staff and students) sanitize their hands often. Will provide hand sanitizer stations in highly populated areas, by the front door and close to training spaces.

6- Sanitation of School will be done every day hourly; Use EPA approved cleaning products that are recommended by the CDC for use against the virus that causes COVID-19;

7- Maximize the air circulation in your school by opening all windows and doors multiple times per day;

8- Temperature checked with thermometer for each kid;

9- Students will bring their own bottle of water. The water fountain will be turned off.

We’re prepared to take care of your family needs.

Send us an email today to reserve your spot: (305) 364 5236