New and Improved

Good Day Family and welcome to Gracie Barra Brownsville new and improved Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy. we are located at 3230 Pablo Kisel Suite 104 Brownsville, Texas 78526. We are so Excited with our new facility and our students are as well and we hope new comers will be too.

New features include and most noticeable that our mats have been raised 7 inches from the ground by adding 3 inch special foam blocks to add some springiness to the mats for softer landing when being thrown. The mats really do have a nice bounce to them now. We also have an open ceiling that give our Academy a new modern look that just looks fabulous as well as the beautiful white brick wall texture.

We are so proud of our new facility so please come by and check it out for yourself and feel the mats by letting us throw you on them, you wont feel a thing.

Check out our new Gracie Barra Academy at 3230 Pablo Kisel Suite 104 Brownsville, Texas 78526.

call us for your free 3 day pass at 956-350-8186 or book your pass HERE

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