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Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone
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The Gracie Barra legacy is one of many champions built by great Professors and Masters. Beyond the Jiu-Jitsu contest arena. Lessons taught by our instructors have impacted positively the lives of hundreds of communities and thousands of people over the years. 

Our collective mission is to bring one Gracie Barra School to each city in the world. Master Carlos Gracie Jr. created a vision on how this mission should be accomplished and we will teach and support those who share our passion for living and teaching the Gracie Barra way.

Our Professors are Instructors holding the rank of black belt. Normally they will be tasked with teaching the primary classes at a particular GB School. At Gracie Barra, we are committed to develop Professors who have a deep understanding of the origins of GB and how its philosophy, vision, methods and tools were forged.

Our Masters are Instructors that hold the rank of red and black belt, 7th and 8th degree. These individuals are responsible for bestowing the coveted black belt rank. The Gracie Barra founder, Carlos Gracie Jr. holds this title.