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GB News: Rituals before the fight Everyone has one

The open championships season is upon us and a common sight amongst all the competitors are the many ways they battle anxiety and prepare for stepping on the mats.


These small giveaways have always appeared interesting to the crowd and the competitors. There are those who kneel and pray prior to a fight, others slap themselves to raise the adrenalin, there are even cries and moments spent in isolation, but the most common sight is of the MP3 player.
Music is known to have a soothing effect, regardless of its genre. It’s common for athletes to immerse in the calming rhythm of rock, blues, pop and classical melody in an effort to mentally prepare for a fight.

1376417_586973288015070_1733432320_nAnother striking resemblance is the color of the kimono most commonly used by athletes. There is a reason that the classic white is the one we spot most often is because this color  is considered by many to attract good energy, balance and inner peace. Darker colors, such as blue (allowed in official IBJJ competitions) are considered to be ‘battle colors’. Blue, on the other hand, is also believed to be the color of confidence.

Athletes should always keep in mind that what really makes a difference in the fight is how much time they spent in training, healthy eating and preparation. These are the keys to a clean victory. Still, there’s no harm in putting to use all those comforting rituals that get us into a top shape before a fight, right?



2 responses to “GB News: Rituals before the fight Everyone has one”

  1. joseph c. says:

    I have a ritual of hand washing my gi the night before competition. Im always mentally relaxed before competitions but for some reason I feel the need to hand scrub my gi until my hands and wrists hurt. A warrior checking his armor before battle maybe?

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