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If you landed on this page is because you hold the desire to improve yourself professionally, perfecting your skills and seeking new knowledge. Did we get it right?

Over the last few years Gracie Barra has placed an enormous contribution for the professionalism of Jiu-Jitsu instruction. Today GB has over 400 schools around the world with qualified instructors working on and off the mats expanding the gentle art.

And then you ask yourself, how did it happen?

Through a global effort done by, Gracie Barra and its senior rank Black Belts, creating the ICP (Instructor Certification Program). The goal from the beginning was one: to enable Jiu-Jitsu teachers to make a living doing what they love.

And what is the first step to embark on this journey?

The Instructor Certification Program ICP.4 Revisited



The Instructor Certification Program (ICP) was born to connect the teaching philosophy and methods of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. with the daily work done by the Gracie Barra instructors on the mats worldwide. The ICP is the component of the Gracie Barra system dedicated to empower and update GB instructors. It is an amazing experience and a unique learning opportunity .

This year, ICP.4 Revisited has evolved by providing more practical information related to the implementations and challenges of teaching “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone.” The updated courses bring a deeper and broader focus on teaching, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In 2014 Gracie Barra organized a new edition of the PCI 4 fully reviewed. Materials have been updated including new videos, texts and more. If you’ve attended the ICP.4, now is the time to recycle ( no additional cost ) . If you have not attended the ICP.4, now is the time to step up and acquire new knowledge .

Screen-Shot-2013-06-11-at-4.08.59-PMThe high demand of qualified instructors has increased exponentially in recent years for the Jiu-Jitsu community. Each year Gracie Barra revises the ICP program with a team of black belt instructors from around the globe and Master Carlos Gracie Jr. himself. These revisions ensure that the program remains true to Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s philosophies, principles and high standards of instruction while at the same time focusing on improvements to enhance the instructors tool set.

Upon completion of this course, instructors will receive a certificate that is valid for a year. The world evolves so does Gracie Barra.


Marcio-Feitosa_Certificado-ICP4The ICP.4 Revisited program provides methods for our schools and instructors to succeed by providing the best instruction possible to each and every student.  The following are testimonials of participants who have completed the last program and who have received their graduate certificates. Here are a few thoughts from some participants about their experience and what it has meant to them:

“I began this course with an open mind about what I would be learning.  This course has been eye opening to me with each module.  This process has been put together with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  What we are teaching changes peoples lives for the better.  What a great honor and privilege to be in the position to take this course.  What a great honor and privilege to be a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor.”  – Mike Geery GB Clearwater

“Having studied the ICP4 course these past ten weeks I am overwhelmed by and extremely comforted in understanding the professionalism, business commitment, long term strategy (and meticulously detailed execution of) and the concern for the safety and development of all practitioners. This is a mature and well defined commercial enterprise to which I will happily invest at the appropriate time to contribute to our combined responsibility – a commitment to bring Jiu-Jitsu to each city in the world.”     – Natasha Rileym, GB Hornsby

“As one of the Seniors Black Belts of GB, seeing and participating on the ICP 4 was a life changing experience, without any exaggeration whatsoever. The content was so broad and detailed that any Instructor, Program Director, School Owner or investor benefited from it immensely. I got so many vital information from it that it already helped my business, my career as an instructor and as a member of Gracie Barra. It is so emotional for me to see how developed, organized and professional GB is right now.”  – Vinicius Magalhaes, GB Regional Director in Texas

“What a challenge!! Get out of my comfort zone and made sure and hit the best score on each part! Means my life describe in words!!  A vision of my Master and the ones I look up too!! I really love what I do every day and I am proud to be able to hang on my wall and make sure its not the only piece of paper.” -Professor Fabio Costa, GB Regional Director in Georgia

The ICP4 represents and offers the gold standard for complete education for Gracie Barra Instructors. I am no stranger to when it comes to studying and this course cannot be taken lightly. Am I saying this it difficult to pass? No, because Certified Gracie Barra Instructors are amongst the most educated of persons. However, as I must admit, Business, Marketing is not taught in medical school and these two in-depth subjects were represented well. I was challenged and eager to learn every week. ICP4 can be described as a turn-key program to make a successful carrier as a Certified Gracie Barra Instructor and Business owner. Thank
you for letting me participate in course! – Dr. Eric Dodson, MD

We understand you are busy. You have a routine that includes plenty of daily, weekly and monthly activities. We also know the value of education, learning and training in today’s competitive world. With that in mind we have partnered with a leading company in the field of E-Learning. You can access your courses on the day and time most convenient and wherever you go. Our goal is that the ICP becomes even more practical assisting our instructors in their everyday challenges.

In 2014, Gracie Barra has developed a new and innovative educational content based on the lessons learned in the implementation of the Jiu Jitsu for everyone project.

10 responses to “ICP.4 Revisited [REGISTER HERE]”

  1. Oscar says:

    I got my purple belt with GB Sydney, recently I stopped training with them but Im still training in a different school. Can I do the instructors certification ??

    • Marcio Feitosa says:


      The Gracie Barra Instructors Certification program is for GB students only. Sorry.

      Thanks for contacting us.

  2. Look forward to this course

  3. Derek says:

    Do I have to get my professor’s permission to sign up for this?

  4. Bobby Walker Jr says:

    I have not took the ICP.4 course, but see that you are offering ICP.4 revisited is it ok to sign up for? …My Head instructor at Corona/Riverside school (Professor Tom Relsing) said it was ok for me to sign up. I just wanted to make sure I am signing up for the right course…

    Thank you,
    Bobby Walker

  5. Wesley Letts says:

    Can I still register and do the certification at this point? I have been certified since 2013 I did not know ifI have to get ccertified again?

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