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X-Guard Details with Professor Piu Piu

X guard 3

 Professor Marco Joca and the X-Guard

No,”Piu Piu” It’s not the sound of lasers guns. It’s the the Brazilian nickname of Professor Marco Joca. For those who are looking for a Brazilian to be christened with Brazilian nicknames, better ask your coaches. I was lucky enough to be given Ob Manchete. Thanks, Professor Flavio.

Anyways, Professor Marco is one of the most awesome guys to ever wear a gi and teach BJJ. Wielding awesome skill with the guard, in this video, Professor Marco shows us the right way to do the X Guard.

For a more technical read, here’s how wikipedia defines the X Guard

The guard is a ground grappling position where one combatant has their back to the ground, while attempting to control the other combatant using the legs. In pure grappling combat sports, the guard is considered an advantageous position, because the bottom combatant can attack with various joint locks and chokeholds, while the top combatant’s priority is to transition into a more dominant position, a process known as passing the guard. In mixed martial arts competition or hand-to-hand combat in general, it is possible to effectively strike from the top in the guard, even though the bottom combatant exerts some control. There are various types of guard, with their own advantages and disadvantages.

There’s the Set up

Step 1: The Idea is to get your opponent to come deep in your half guard.
X guard 1

Step 2: One of the best ways to drag your opponent deep is to control the joints.

X guard 2

Step 3: keep the control close. This is the optimal range. Remember, less room, less chance of movement.

X guard 3

Step 4: Remember that leg control is as important. Essentially, the X guard is all about controlling your opponent using your legs.

X guard 4

Step 5: notice the left hand “hooking the leg”

X guard 5

Step 6:  choose to sweep, or stay in control.

X guard 7

Here’s the complete video

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