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Internal Calendar

These championships are exclusive for GB members


Date Event Technical Director
Fevereiro GB Compnet South California Nelson Monteiro
Fevereiro GB Compnet England Braulio Estima
July GB Compnet Vancouver &Seattle Rodrigo Carvalho & RodrigoLopes
August GB Compnet Goiania Frederico Pimentel
September GB Compnet Australia Marcelo Rezende
September GB Compnet Texas Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães
October GB Compnet South California Nelson Monteiro
  • If your event is not on the calendar means that it is in the approval process.
  • The calendar is dynamic and events are added and removed on a monthly bases.
  • A minimum rank of white belt 3 degrees is recommended but the it is up to the instructors to decide if a less graduate student can compete.
  • At these events all athletes represent GB and the same training philosophy, these athletes follow the same grading system (belts).