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External Calendar

External Competition Calendar


Date Event Org Technical Manager
January World Pro Trials Rio de Janeiro, RJ. WPJJC Prof. Jefferson Moura
January European Championship IBJJF Prof. Braúlio Estima
March World Pro Trials San Diego,CA
Event info here.
WPJJC Prof. Nelson Monteiro.
March Pan Championship.
Event info here.
IBJJF Prof. Zé Radiola. For information about the
GB Compnet-Camp April 2012 please click here.
April World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship
Eevent info: here 
WPJJC  Prof. Roberto Tussa
May Brazilian Nationals IBJJF
May World Jiu-Jitsu Expo.
Event info here.
June World Championship.
Event info here.
IBJJF  Prof. Zé Radiola. For information about the
GB Compnet-Camp May 2012 please click here.
August Midwest Championship NAGA Prof. Adam Redzovick
September World Pro Trials Natal WPJJC Prof. Zé Radiola
November World Pro Trials Gramado WPJJC
November South American IBJJF
November Asian Open IBJJF
November Hungary Championship MAXIMILI
  • Dates can be changed and should be checked on the websites of the organizations responsible for the event.
  • The calendar is dynamic and events are added and removed on a monthly bases.
  • These events are the most recommended for those who already have experience in Jiu-Jitsu championships.
  • A minimum rank of blue belt 3 degrees is recommended but the it is up to the instructors to decide if a less graduate student can compete.
  • At these events athletes represent different schools and training philosophies quite often these athletes follow different grading systems (belts).